Our Roots

Our Roots

Our brand manifesto

Our roots - a little bit about usA little bit about us.

Hello, there. We're a Canadian beverage and snack company based in Kelowna, BC, which is right in the heart of the lush Okanagan Valley. Since way back in 1946, we've been providing Canadian families with quality products they can feel good about.

 Deep roots, strong branches

Our deep roots and strong branches.

SunRype grew out of the fresh fruit business in the Okanagan Valley. In 1946, BC's fruit growers created BC Fruit Processing Ltd. to produce a 100% pure apple juice, made with apples straight from the orchard. They named the new juice “SunRype,” and so it began.

We've come a long way since then. We've added many different fruits to our juice line-up, a bunch of popular fruit snacks, and new categories that go beyond fruit. SunRype goodness is now shared with families all across Canada. And we're also proud to offer a growing array of products across the USA.

 Welcome to the Okanagan Right at home in the Okanagan.

We love it out here. Abundant sunshine makes it the perfect place to grow fruit. Not to mention, it's surrounded by so much natural beauty. If you've never been here, come visit and see why we're so lucky to call this place home.

For us, quality always comes first.

We know food safety and quality are important to you. They're important to us too. It's why we have world class standards and procedures to make sure that whenever you enjoy SunRype, it's always quality you can trust.

Food quality and safety are #1.

SunRype adheres to the highest quality standards in all of our manufacturing and quality assurance practices. We strictly follow all guidelines established by Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

In 2002, we implemented and received CFIA recognition for a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) program, an internationally recognized food safety management system. This means we are regularly audited by the CFIA to ensure compliance with all aspects of the program.

We voluntarily chose to obtain HACCP recognition to further strengthen our own food safety practices. It’s our way of assuring that all of our products meet the very highest quality and safety standards before they can wear the SunRype label.

SunRype works within a world class food safety management system called SQF 2000. It’s one of only a handful of globally recognized food safety programs.

The Source of 100% Goodness

SunRype Pure Not From Concentrate Apple Juice is our signature fresh pressed apple juice made with apples grown in North America. Our primary source is the Okanagan Valley region in BC. If our demand is greater than the valley can provide, we source apples from Washington State.

SunRype also offers a wide variety of 100% fruit snacks and 100% juice blends. We source our ingredients from around the world to find the best manufacturers of the highest quality 100% fruit juice concentrates and purees. By sourcing internationally we are able to find products that are not available in North America and can ensure that your favourite SunRype products are available year-round.

Our Certified Suppliers

SunRype juice concentrates and purees are sourced from only HACCP recognized, approved, reputable suppliers. All raw materials purchased by SunRype come with a Certificate of Analysis to assure us that they meet our specifications. In addition, SunRype implements ongoing audits, testing, inspection, in-house and third party analysis and evaluation of all raw materials that go into our products.