Fruit to Go & Pretzel Witches Brooms

Fruit to Go & Pretzel Witches Brooms

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Fruit to Go & Pretzel Witches Brooms


These are so easy to make and such a cute idea for a Halloween themed treat! Try makings these sweet & salty treats with your kids!


1 pack
pretzel rods or larger pretzel sticks
SunRype Fruit to Go 100% Fruit Snacks, any flavour
peanut butter (as much as you need to hold the Fruit to Go onto the pretzel)


Tear SunRype Fruit to Go into pieces. Cut each one in half. Assemble brooms to resemble recipe picture.

Please Note: Use twist ties to hold the fruit strips on if needed (even if you just use these temporarily until the peanut butter sets with the fruit strip tubes). Please make sure the kids know they can’t eat that part if you serve them that way.

Happy treat making!